Cannot pick up any sound while recording

I have Cubase LE5 and I’m using an interface called “Komplete audio 6” which came with some software called “Komplete elements”. I have my electric guitar plugged into the interface (input 1) and the interface is plugged into the usb drive. I am using headphones. I messed with the audio control panel until I got some sound. I put it on asio and that’s when I started to receive sound. So I’ve watched some tutorials and they got me started on how to reord, but the only problem is…it doesn’t pick up the sound when I click “record”. I can hear myself play through the virtual amps the entire time, but I just cannot get it to pick up me playing. Any suggestions?

By the way I watched a tutorial on how to put a VST into Cubase so that is there.

So you have selected the correct ASIO driver in cubase, the Komplete one?

Have you the gone to cubase connections page and set up the input and output busses as described in the getting started manual?

Then when you make a mono or stereo channel in cubase have you selected the correct input from the channel settings?

Also you are using the headphone output on the interface to plug your headphones into? and made sure the interfaces headphone monitoring is set to the same output that the main monitor on the interface is set to and Cubase output in the connections plane is also set to the same outputs i.e 1/2?

The reason you are hearing your guitar through your headphones is because you have “Direct monitoring” switched on on the interface. Turn it off and as above go through the basic setup again, select correct ASIO driver, Setup Input and Output connections (in cubase) and select correct input to a Channel when created in Cubase.

Follow the guide in the getting started manual.