Cannot play DNxHD videos with purchased licence

Dear Steinberg,

I have bought a DNxHD licence for Nuendo and it has worked OK until today.

After updating Nuendo 8 and the DNxHD video decoder to their lastest versions, neither Nuendo 7 or 8 is allowing me to play DNxHD videos, saying that I have to buy a valid licence for it.

I have installed the latest eLicencer software, made mantainance tasks, reinstalled the DNxHD from my Steinberg page. Non of these gave results.

What could be the problem?

It is sad to be in the middle of a project, with deadlines and all of a sudden to find yourself in front of a not working program where you have bought all the licences needed.

Please advice and help!

Thank you in advance

I couldn’t update Nuendo from 8.3 to 8.3.10 until performing full reinstallation and updating it from initial version of Nuendo from download section. I’v checked DNxHD codec right now and it working with no problem. Maybe you should do the same.

Hi, McSound,

We’ve updated Nuendo 8 without problems so I am not sure that this is the problem.

Also, our work in progress projects are done in Nuendo 7, where we have the same problem with DNxHD.

It is hard at the moment to reinstall Nuendo 7/8 as we are tight with the deadlines. There must be another solution for us to be working with DNxHD video given the fact that we have a valid licence and it has worked in the last month.

It is annoying that we must convert to ProRes.


We have finally found why Nuendo told us that we did not have a valid licence:

It seems that the video file (DNxHR) we have received from the client had a wierd resolution of 1998x1080 (facepalm).
In the rush of the moment, we did not checked the video specs, thinking that the client (colour correction company) knew how to properly export a video file.

So, I stand corected for my previous posts, Steinberg.

Still, it is best if Nuendo could warn us that the video has wrong specs rather than say that we need a proper licence for DNxHD playback.

So all seems right at the moment! Other than that, thanks Steinberg for your dedication in making great programs for our work! Keep up the good work and we will remain your devoted clients for the future. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip! It’ll be handy for escaping possible problems of my work)