cannot print all parts

In a big band chart I am trying to print the trumpet parts. All 4 trumpets are set up identically in layouts - each player included in its own part and in the full score. But when I go to print, tpts 1 and 2 don’t appear in the preview window after selecting, and exporting to graphic pdf or to a laser printer doesn’t do anything. Tpts 3 and 4 appear in preview as expected and print normally. I have successfully printed tpts 1 and 2 before, and they look the same as tpts 3 and 4 in set-up, layouts, write and engrave mode. Any ideas what I may have messed up? ( i have saved closed and restarted dorico and pc to no avail) . Thanks (using pro - latest version)

I’m certain Daniel, et al, will ask for you to post the project here (stripped down, if you wish), or send it to him via email.

I have no ideas from just reading your description.

Yes, please attach the project here, or if you can’t or aren’t willing to do that, please email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll take a look. Please include a link to this thread so I can remember what I’m supposed to look at.

Thanks Dan , I have emailed the file

SOLUTION: The problem was I somehow set the page range for those parts to a completely empty string, so no pages were set to print.
Select e.g. the ‘Trumpet 1’ part in the left-hand Layouts list in Print mode, then in the right-hand options panel, instead of ‘All Pages’ under ‘Job Type’ ‘page range’ was selected in error. Thanks to Daniel Spreadbury for the answer!

“Thanks to Daniel Spreadbury for the answer!”

And thanks to Google I didn’t soil my underwear just now when I did the same and thought I’d lost my work…