cannot process audio track

I have the following problem:

I use Cubase LE5 ; I created a project - let’s say PRJ001, and anything worked fine.

after a while i created a project PRJ002.
I have imported one audio track in this project, and I CAN’T DO ANY PROCESSING TO THIS TRACK ( for example GAIN ( NORMALIZE)- i click audio/process/gain, choose +5db, click ‘process’ and nothing happens ).

If i do the same thing in the old project (PRJ001) anything works fine…i can process the track…

I checked, there is no lock , neither for the track or the audio part.( in the inspector, file info ) there are no locks…

I think it has to be something with the creation of a default project…The both projects were created as ‘empty’…i compared file/preferences for the 2 projects …and i see no difference…

I use XP SP3

Any suggestions please ?


How did you import to the second project?