Cannot put pedal release on grace note before barline

Why would that be? I try it, and nothing happens. If I move the grace after the barline at the start of a bar, it’s fine.

As far as I can tell this works as expected – have you tried creating the pedal line by selecting the notes you want to be the first and last notes covered by it, e.g. select the first note and then hold Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) to select the grace note, then create the pedal line. You will also find that there are properties in the panel to determine whether the pedal line should include or exclude grace notes at its start or end.

If this doesn’t help, you should find that you can achieve any desired appearance for the pedal line by adjusting it in Engrave mode.

Definitely does not work. And my use case is with graces before the bar in the interior of pedal lines, not at the end.


Tedious and inaccurate to move in engrave mode. I’m not sure, but wouldn’t the playback of the release be in the wriong position (I have not investigated yet)?

Musically, what is the objecttion to a pedal release on a grace note before the bar? I can’t see any, and I have never heard anything like this stated as some sort of rule. I am inclined to class this as a defect that needs attention in Dorico. Especially when you have dozens and dozens of them to do.

Ah, when you said “release” I assumed you meant the release at the end of the pedal line, rather than what we in Dorico-land call a “retake”. You’re right that a retake can not currently be positioned rhythmically at grace notes before the barline. I’m not sure exactly why that is, but I have made a note of it and will look into it when I get a chance, and we’ll see if we can address this in future.

Sorry - my fault. I have a habit of incorrectly calling a retake a release. I must stop that!