cannot re-create bi-directional device panel (sledge)

Hi, I just purchased a studiologic sledge black edition and set out to create my own panel. After much trial and error i succeeded in creating a full birectional panel only to find out that for saving patches this option should be checked at setup. For those interested in the panel please see attached graphics. (I’ll send the XML on request) I then stumbled on the cubase 9 midi manager error that does not allow (re)import of exported templates.
@ Steinberg - have you acknowledged this bug and when can we have a fix? :question:
Apparently however that can be worked around via copy pasting the midi device bin file from a previous version - but haven’t tested that yet.

Now for my questions: the xml panel works bi-directional on all controllers. I am unable however to re-create a full new panel that works both ways. (not even a panel with one controller for that matter)…Switching back to the attached version immediately allows bidirectional controller changes so midi in/out is working fine. I fail to grasp what settings are needed to make the panel respond to synth controller movement.
Could it be that when global-setting-snapshot is checked that bi-directional communication doesn’t work anymore?

Furthermore, the template only works on cc messages. I still have to start my SysEx learning curve but hope that somebody knows if there is a sysex possibility to “read” all current controller settings and set the panel soft-controls accordingly.

Much obliged for any direction on these topics. Although rudimentary i love the possibility to build panels and regain self control. The Cubase midi device manual however does not provide enough detail and i’ve run into the wall now.

thx, sef
panel detail.PNG
Sledge panel.PNG

I have now managed to recreate a panel on a different (win) computer running 8.5. Again here, only once. Even after throwing away the files in Local user\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5_64
Device.bin, External instruments.xml and template files in the Panels subfolder, i cannot generate a new panel that reacts to incoming CC data. (i can record HW controller changes on the midi track though).

sef unable to PM you :frowning:

Do you or anyone else have the Sledge MIDI Device file for me to import into MIDI Device Manager to set up Sledge as an External Instrument? Thanks Bob