Cannot reach anyone, and nobody response!! [solved]


I’m so frustrated by Steinberg support that it’s crazy!!!

After update to Halion 6 I’ve lost my Hypersonic 2 license. I would like to get Halion 5 add-on license to my eLicenser so I can use it.

BUT… Because I live in a country (Slowenien) which is somehow excluded for ticket sending, I’m forced to call or send emails to local support. Guess what… Our local distributor has no idea what I’m talking about and told me that they are focused on yamaha keyboards and PA. 3 weeks ago I send two mails to Wien - Eastern Europe Yamaha Dealer - No answer… So I called them today whole day and guess what… no answer…

So can anyone from Steinberg direct me to right address, where I can get that add-on license!

Thank you!!!

Try sending a private message here to Ed Doll

Thanks, will try it.


Ed Doll is a king!

Glad it worked out for you. :sunglasses:

How do you have solved it, i have the same problem!

If you read the thread you have the answer… a PM to Ed Doll.

Yes, I’m frustrated, too!

The same support in Russia (literally no support at all)
Is there more “official” way than p.m. Ed Doll ? :smiley:

kind regards, Alexander

How can it be that Steinberg cares about their customers so little? I was looking into Dorico but am probably gonna stick to Finale based on these experiences.

Ya, i think they are busy on development and improvement their software. Or just because you didn’t send your message to right one.