Cannot reactivate Cubase AI

Hi there, so after I bought a brand new UR12 from Japan in 2021, I successfully registered it and installed Cubase AI 11 through the download assistant. There is a lot of power outages where I live and after one of them, I was not able to start Cubase AI again. I tried several times, unsuccessfully. Then when I wanted to do a dual boot of my windows 10 partition with a linux one, my windows partition was accidentally erased so I lost my first install of Cubase AI and everything with it. Then I tried to reinstall Cubase AI 11 recently on my new windows 10 partition, but when I tried to activate it it says no license found, and when I was able to get a new activation code through the download assistant, it says something like code already used.

Thanks a lot for your help !

This doesn’t seem right. The “Reactivate” in your image is what you need to do.

I already tried it. It doesn’t work.

Really? Nobody’s going to answer me? Very well done, steinberg.
No doubt the Ableton team cares much more about their customers than you do !


Please get in contact with your local dealer/technical support. Give them your MySteinberg email address. They will be able to find your old Soft-eLicenser and insert it into your MySteinberg account. Then you can reactivate.

Hi, I didn’t buy a used item, I bought my UR12 brand new from a dealer in Japan.
And I don’t live in Japan.
My old soft-elicenser was lost when my hard drive was accidentally wiped out.
How is it that I can’t reactivate Cubase AI although I clearly registered it with that download code before?


The technical support will be able to find it anyway.

Btw, you are allowed to update to Cubase AI 12 for free (again, ask your local Steinberg support, please). But first, you have to get your Cubase AI 11 license running.

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