Cannot reactivate on Mac


I’ve sent support requests and been waiting almost 1 month, and I got nothing from Steinberg’s support center yet, so I wrote something in here. Hope to please someone helping me.

I’ve been using Cubase Pro 9 for almost 4 years, but last month the USB license was broken.

So I bought new one, and then… I cannot use the program anymore.

On eLicencer control center and maintenance ,not worked. Reactivation cord, cannot get it.

What can I do? I redownloaded Cubase, eLiecencer control center, … I think I tried everything.

I added some pictures of my status.

Does anybody have a same problem as me? Do I really have to buy this program again?

Hi and welcome,

Reactivation process is not the one for reactivation USB-eLicenses. To do this, you have to get in contact with the support (you can get in contact with your local support too). They will send you a form to fill in, about the broken USB-eLicenser. Then they will provide you a replacement Activation Codes, which you will activate to the new USB-eLicenser. The old licenses will be destroyed.