Cannot reactivate

Hi all, i’ve really hit a dead-end here.

Long story short: my DAW computer pretty much died so i bought a new one.

I only have a digital download number with my yamaha mixer, when i try to download cubase on my new machine it says the download has already been used and shows an activation code.

Now, i managed to get into the old computer and get it online, complete the activation and registration with success (or so the eliscenser program told me) but it didnt change anything. Yes my eliscensor was showing the soft eliscenser licence in there etc)

So then i learned theres apparently a new eliscencer edition, that isnt backwards compatible (really great news for us with older machines we keep offline for stability… not)
Ive downloaded the new version of the eliscenser and got it on my old machine but it wouldnt install. (Obviously its my old machine for a reason, it’s buggy, unstable, the motherboards blown its pci slots and the cd rom burned out)

Now because the new eliscener is a fresh install and not an update file, when it failed i thought it might be because of the existing version installed, so i’ve uninstalled it. But the new elicenser program still wont install.

Now i have read that you need a minimum certain windows update for the new elicenser to work, unfortunately windows update doesnt work on the old machine, and without a cdrom i cant try to repair windows. (I really thought i’d kissed the problems of this machine goodbye)

It’s been nearly a week of fiddling with this stuff, and my country’s support has only provided a link to the reactivation page that i found their contact details on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Further information: when i sign into my steinberg account via web browser i can see that the license is associated with my account, does that mean i have already activated etc? Because its obviously been updated online to the server…

Now follow up questions, I’ve read i can update to the new cubase elements 9 for $50… would this be possible in my situation? and would i be provided a fresh download link? Or does it update through cubase itself? If that can get me recording this week i’ll just do it.

Reminder, I just want to “reactivate” onto my new pc, old ones dead. If theres any screenshots that can help or prove im genuine please let me know. Getting frustrated


Unfortunately you didn’t used the same email address you used to register in the forum for you MySteinberg account, therefore I cannot find your MySteinberg account. Can you please PM me your email address you used to register at MySteinberg so that support can help you with a manual re-activation.

Also, you need to have the previous license installed in your system in order to upgrade the license, so I will recommend you to first get your software re-activated and then purchase the upgrade.

Best regards,