Cannot read text in a field when editing

Hi there, the screenshots clearly illustrate the issue. While Cubase 13 operates without any problems, I’ve been unable to resolve this particular issue. Whenever I click into the field to edit the text, it becomes invisible. I’m essentially typing blindly here…
Any suggestions?


Do you have the latest Cubase 13.0.20 update installed, please? Windows or Mac? What graphic card? Is the graphic card driver up to date? Any specific graphic-related settings?

Hi Martin, latest Cubase update installed, Windows, AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT (Anti Lag enabled), Cubase 12 no issues. I suspect that the text color remains black instead of changing to white when I click into the field, possibly due to some accidental adjustments in the settings.

Martin’s on a Mac, but on my PC it does always stay white on a black field. So a setting seems like a good candidate for the cause. Sorry, no idea on what that might be. Have you tried starting Cubase with your Preferences disabled?

By accident I have found a lead. I am using two displays (a smaller touchscreen and one big 4K display), I started Cubase on the primary display, all is fine there.
However, once I move Cubase to the larger secondary display, the text becomes unreadable. Tomorrow, I’ll dedicate more time to investigating and finding a solution.

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4K display was set to 125% scaling, HiDPI (Cubase) was disabled.