Cannot record audio

Hello, I have an Audient id14 and it works perfectly with Logic Pro X. I am trying to get to work with Cubase and it will not see a signal in. I have checked the studio setting and it shows the ins and outs as the audient id14. When I create a Superior Drummer track, it plays and I can hear it with no issues.

I checked the monitor setting and it’s set for “monitor when recording”. But for some reason I am not even seeing the meters on the Audient showing any input.

Is there anyone here that can point me in the right direction?


For the best help you should post some screenshots showing your input and output buses from the audio connections menu tabs and a screenshot showing the inspector section of your audio track assigned inputs and outputs.

Regards :sunglasses:

Now at least we can guess you are on a Mac. Some really useful info on your used system,. OS, Cubase Version would be helpful.