Cannot record, blank audio tracks.

Hi guys! So I just updated my Cubase to the latest version and I cannot record anymore.
I’m getting signal in my interface but not in cubase, and the tracks are blank when I hit record, as expected.
I’m in macOS Mojave, my interface is an Apollo from UAD, and Cubase is the latest version.


Here’s a video showing what’s going on. Excuse my stuffy nosed voice and French Canadian accent.
I have to procise I got a preamp emulation on the LINE input showed in the vide but i’m getting the same problem with any inputs. 1 through 4 included (Microphone inputs)

So what am I missing, can anybody help? Please! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

On the video you shared, I can see the signal on the UAD console until time 0:28. But then you continue to speak, but I can’t see the signal anymore there. Why?

Btw, Cubase is not officially compatible with macOS Mojave yet.

Hello I looked at your video and I’m having the same issue’s, it was fine until I updated to Cubase pro 9.5.40. (proud owner of a recording device that doesn’t record)

Have you gone to vst connections ? The Mono In is just the name assigned in VST Connection but maybe the actual channel from the sound card is no longer configured to that input. Just a thought

Did any body help you …?
I have the same problem, right out of the blue

Any help appreciated.