Cannot record guitar or vocal

New to forum and I hope you can help, I am stuck on a recording problem.
I trying to get Cube Artist v6 to work with BehringerXENYX X2222USB.

I am using Windows7, setup successfully the Behringer working with electric guitar, microphone and speakers.
I connected it to laptop via USB and setup Cubase. Setup connectivity and bus input&output and I get a singnal to cubase. (setup mono guitar and mono vocal as per the turotial to get started)

When I start to record though (guitar and/or vocal) I get a streight line as and if it receives no sound, but I see on the sound singnal indicator&LED that sound is received in Cubase.
I went through all the setup and options several times (bus setup ok, record enabled on guitar and vocal, etc), but cannot get it to record any sound.

Any ideas will be very much be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

Did the track panel turn red?

If not you need to enable the little circle under the word “Audio” in this picture. Although it should turn on when you hit record, that little speaker should be enabled “yellowish”

EDIT: Not only do you have to enable/arm the track to record, you can’t just hit play. There is a separate record button on the transport.