Cannot record internal sounds of MM6 keyboard into cubase - external instruments

If nobody wants to respond to this mess …i totally understand :slight_smile:

I have a Yamaha mm6 midi keyboard : Cubase 10.5 pro and a 2018 MacBook Pro.

Everything works fine in Cubase to record from the MM6 keyboard and play back an instrument track with midi data in it … in halion or Native instruments stuff

But it will not allow me to record/play the sounds internal to the MM6 which are Motif like sounds which I would like to access and record. I can add an ‘External Plug-ins track named Yamaha MM 01

That Track will take midi input data … upon recording …but the keyboard does not sound when doing so and the track will not play back it’s data .

-> Audio Connections Inputs Tab
Bus name - Stereo In
Audio device Scarlett 2i2
Device port Input 1 and Input 2

-> Audio Connections Outputs tab
Bus name - Stereo out
Audio device Scarlett 2i2
Device port output 1 and output 2

Tried to follow the instructions to load an “External Instrument” in Cubase but couldn’t get it to work.

-> Audio Connections -> External Instruments Tab
-> Add External Instrument
I chose Yamaha MM
Mono return(s) 1
Stereo return(s) 2
Clicked on Ok

Got a large panel with :
Bus name Yamaha MM
Below that I see Return bus 1 and 2 and 3 … 2 of them stereo …1 mono
All say NOT Connected in Device Port
Only return bus 1 lets me enter in Audio Device Scarlett 2i2 USB
The MIDI Device column here shows : Yamaha MM and the Midi device Manager shows
Installed devices Yamaha MM with MM6 Port 1 as the output .
If I ‘open device’ …I see a Yamaha Folder with 16 channel drop down folders below

After this if I go back to the inputs tab …the Device port for Inputs show both “Not Connected” and
If I Try to reconnect them to inputs 1 and 2 - I get a message “The selected device port is used exclusively. This connection will be ended. Do you want to continue ? “

—> studio setup —> midi Port Setup shows :
I/0 port in MM6 Port 1
I/O port out mm6 port 1 and both are Active .

If I right Click and choose ‘Add instrument Track’ now I Do have a choice of :

External Plug-ins. - Yamaha MM
Choose to add track and I get a gain box and a track labeled Yamaha MM 01

The inspector shows :
All MIDI Inputs
Yamaha MM
Channel 1

Choose to edit that instrument and get the same gain box up

I can now record midi data into the Track MM01 but it does not sound upon recording or Playing back

My Goal is to be able to record the Sounds internal to the MM6 midi keyboard.


Is the Stereo Out of your Yamaha MM connected to the Audio Device’s inputs?

See below

I got it to work somehow … . :slight_smile:
See below

Thanks for your response .

I am now able to make an Instrument Track and record and play back an instrument from the MM6 - Inspector input shows MM6 Port1 – output shows Yamaha MM . The instrument track shows itself is on channel slot 1

I can also make a Midi Track and record and play back an instrument from the MM6 - Inspector input shows input as MM6 Port1 – output shows Yamaha MM (MM6 Port 1) . The Midi track shows itself as being on channel 2

So in my project I have at least 2 Tracks that have individual instruments from the MM6 recorded into it .

I cannot add a 2nd instrument track and record an instrument from the MM6 because it will not offer me any output for an external instrument - like the first 2 tracks did

UPDATE …unfortunately when I have the Monitors And scarlett inputs Plugged into the MM6 to allow recording of Haliion
the Tracks that have recorded MM6 instruments that I recorded into cubase by having the outs of the MM6 Connected to the monitors … WILL NOT PLAY