Cannot Record MIDI PC / CC events

Hi all,

I cannot do the following:

  1. Insert a MIDI track (configured to proper port / channel for device)
  2. Start recording
  3. Change bank and/or patch and have those events recorded into the track


  • Cubase Pro 11, Win10Pro
  • It’s a single device (Roland JV1080) in patch (not performance mode) on a single port and using a single MIDI channel (1). [Note: I have other devices on other MIDI ports and none of them record this info either]
  • I have the device configured properly (with the Roland script, complete with LSB/MSB for bank changes and patch names) and I can change banks / patches just fine in the tracks Inspector, but this isn’t what I want to do.
  • I am not filtering anything other than SysEx in the Preferences>MIDI>MIDI Filters. I have toggled on/off program changes (based on an older thread) and this doesn’t change anything.
  • I can set the track to record and it picks up notes, aftertouch, and CC1 (modulation), but bank / patch changes do not end up in the List Editor
  • I am aware that I can insert these things into the List/Key editors. That works. But I see in the manual that I am supposed to be able to record the events.

Why doesn’t this work?


If I understand you correctly you have a midi track that is not recording program change events from the JV1080.

I don’t remember the JV1080 sending MIDI out other than for saving Syx. But I trust you know what you are doing.

As it is a Roland device, did you check to make sure the cable is in MIDI Out and not MIDI Through?

Have you set a midi monitor on the track, and can you see the missing events there?

Okay, never mind. I was relying on experience on other Roland devices that do transmit CC and PC commands. The JV1080 does not transmit these, as can be seen by the MIDI implementation chart in the owner’s manual appendix.

Thanks much and consider this closed.

  1. You will need to do a SYSEX dump from the JV1080 into Cubase. Make sure SYSEX is enabled in Cubase preferences.
  2. You will need to leave a good 4 measures at the beginning of the project to allow the SYSEX to be played back to the JV1080 with your Patch/Performance settings.