Cannot record midi

Every time I try to record anything with my midi keyboard either it just records one note or nothing at all. The peculiar part is that I can play with my keyboard without any issues when I am not recording. It only happens when I hit record.

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Are you able to draw in notes with the pencil tool or with the step record mode? What recording mode are you using?

The pencil tool works just fine. I have tried using a different midi interface and it does not work. I am using the “regular” record mode. I have tried monitoring the midi signal and it seems to “disappear” when I hit record. And only when I record.

Which interface do you use? And, may I suggest you put some information about your system in your signature. I’ve never had a problem like this, however, often, doing a reset of your preferences will resolve issues. You may want to try that.

Can you monitor the midi output and only not record? Re-check all your device setup settings. It should work.