Cannot recover hidden music

Hello community,

I’m revisiting a score I began, I think, in version 2.something. I don’t use any type of expression map and I prefer to input dynamics and keyswitches manually. Consequently I tend to “add staff below” for keyswitches or performances like mordents and then hide them. I opened the score today and found it had all sorts of problems and about 7 more voices than needed, so I decided to do a bit of tidying up and move everything to the same staff 2 staves.

The problem: I have loads of hidden staves and much of the music (keyswitches, performances) is in these hidden staves. If I recall, in the past you only needed to delete the label and then create a new staff in the same position and the music would reappear, but now this is not happening.

Here you can see the hidden staff:
Hidden staff
In play mode you can see an example of the notes (highlighted) missing:

If I simply add another staff nothing shows up:
Added staff
Or if I delete all the - 1 staff labels and add a completely new staff, still nothing shows up:
Deleted and added staff
I’ve tried selecting the notes in Play mode and tried moving them to a staff above or below, but it doesn’t appear to be doing anything.

Any thoughts on how to recover these?

Difficult to know without seeing the file, but is there a possibility the stave you originally hid was below and you’re trying to add a stave above, or the stave you originally hid was above you’re now adding a stave below?

Good call, but I had already tried that just in case. I use a shortcut assigned to “add staff below” and no shortcut for above.

Hmm. I can confirm that, at least on a new file, your described method works fine.

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Ah solved it! What worked in the end was adding a new staff from a new staff! i.e. clicking on the main staff > “add staff below” > then click on the newly created staff > “add staff below” again! Bizarre… I can see now that they’re all distributed around 7 different sub-staves. I wonder if it’s a bug that occurred when upgrading to a new version.