Cannot reduce number of MIDI Ports

I cannot reduce the number of MIDI Ports listed in the VST Instrument “cogwheel” dialog.

I have two instances of the same VST (ARIA Player), and I can alter the number of ports on one of them, but not the other, which stays fixed at 12 ports.

There are no Assigned Instruments listed in any of the ports/channels beyond A.

Any ideas? It doesn’t really affect anything, possibly except taking up memory, or other system resources.

EDIT: This does seem like a bug, as I can increase the number of ports, but not decrease the number.

Thanks for reporting. It shouldn’t have any negative effects, it just limits the number of rows in the table. We’ve made some changes to this since the last release so we’ll check if this is still happening.

I took a quick look and could see that it is indeed still happening, so I have proposed a fix for Paul to review in the New Year.