Cannot register Dorico Pro trial version

I downloaded and activated Dorico 3.5 Pro Trial Version on 9th January this year. I have learnt enough about Dorico to have made up my mind to purchase it when my trial period finished (8th Feb).
However In my continual efforts to focus on learning Dorico and in writing my first piece using the BBCSO Discover Template I was not keeping up with developments at Steiberg so the release of Dorico 4 took me by surpise.
My question is will dorico 3.5 still be available. to buy. And also if I wanted to upgrade to Dorico 4 would I qualify for the discount offered to recent purchasers of Dorico 3.5.
One other thing ; I don’t seem able to register my copy of the trial version. It does not show up on the list of My Products on the Steinberg website whilst it does show in the list of products activated on my elicencer dongle

I believe that dorico 3.5 is no longer affordable. if you haven’t bought it by yesterday I think you will have to buy a license for version 4 directly

You don’t need to register a trial version, because, you know, it’s a trial version and will expire 30 days after you activated it.

You cannot buy Dorico 3.5 any longer, so Dorico 4 is what is now available to buy. If you would like to try Dorico 4 specifically before you buy, please wait for the release of the Dorico 4 trial version in a little while, probably around the end of January.