Cannot remove cubase 4 trial

Hello, my trial just expired for cubase 4. Sorry, it did not convince me to buy it, but I would like to remove it though.


I have tried uninstall (of course), but it always ends up saying “account already exists” (???) and reverts the uninstallation process. So, no can do.
I have also run a “maintenance” in the elicenser center and now there is no trial left. It removed it.

Still, every time I start cubase it barks about not having a licence for groove agent 4. Not breaking the program, but quite annoying. Were Steinberg just banking on everybody keeping the program?

(update) actually, by removing the groove agent 4 library, not the program, it doesn’t bark anymore when starting cubase, but the program is still “installed”. Would be cool to remove it. So now I have both groove agent 4 SE AND Groove agent 4, but I can obviously only use the SE version, which is fine. But still would like to remove the other.

Please help if anyone knows how to do this. Reinstalling Cubase 8.5 pro would be less fun, but I wonder if that is my only option.

make a search in the browser of your pc-systems for Groove Agent 4, it will show you even the registry-fields, but be careful with this. only delete the things, which match 100% to Groove Agent4! a little change in a setting,which is made for your PC-system and your computer can be destroyed! Be careful.