Cannot remove frames

Good morning everyone,

I have read through similar questions but when I go on Layout Options and click on “Never” for “show flow headings” nothing changes after I press apply… I want to get rid of the “flow 1” that appears on top of each page… I would like the music to have a little more space this way.

You presumably have already somehow overridden that page in your layout. Go to Engrave mode, and look in the Pages panel. If the page shows a red triangle in the upper corner, that shows the page has been overridden, which means that changes made in Layout Options or when editing the master page won’t apply. Right-click that page and choose Remove Page Override.

Dear Felix,
I think you’re messing up with two different things : flow headings are the flow titles, that can appear at the beginning of each flow if the option in Layout options > Page Setup > Flows is set accordingly.
Headers are the text items that appear at the top of each default page (in the default masterpages), and those headers are set to be {@flowtitle@}. If you want to get rid of the headers, you need to edit the default masterpages in your project (simply delete the token and press apply, in the masterpages editor, which you access by double-clicking the masterpage in Engrave mode, right panel).
Hope this helps.

Thank you Daniel and Marc!

I think both of your answers apply to my case. The first page was indeed overridden.

However I also wanted the “headers” to disappear. Now I understood how to do it! Thank you so much for the unbelievably immediate, professional, firendly and free support!!!