Cannot render into same folder

When I attempt to render or save a WAV file onto the same HDD (but different folder), I keep getting an error “There was an error in the Master section”. I now have to save or render all my files into a different folder. I also tried opening Wavelab 11.2 with admin priviledges in Windows 10, but the issue still persists.

Did you change the name of the file?
Maybe you try to overwrite an open file.

No I didnt. I closed Wavelab a couple of times, restarted my PC as well. But the problem remains. It worked flawlessly with the same harddrive before. Not sure what happened. I am still trying to figure it out. If I select any other harddrive, it works perfectly.

BTW, I should also mention that this is happening when I am using the batch processor.

That is essential information.

I found the issue. I thought it was a folder permission issue at first, but as it turns out my document folder was set to read only (in Windows). Right clicking the document folder and unchecking “read only” solved the problem.

Still trying to understand how this happened, but I think my backup software may have been the culprit (as it “locks” the folder while copying files and may have failed to revert back status after an incomplete run).

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Issue came back. Still cannot use the batch processor on my drive… This is not a permission issue. No idea what the problem is.