Cannot Resave Halion Sonic SE Presets

After I create a preset for a Halion Sonic SE multi and save it, I have no problem resaving it as long as the project remains open. However, if I close and later re-open the project and then try to save the preset, Cubase freezes. I have to kill the process and/or re-boot to clear it. This appears to be a problem unique to Sonic. I have no problem re-saving presets for other plug-ins. I’m using Win 7 and 64-bit Cubase.

I also just figured out, I cannot re-save the project either after I open it the second time.


Are you saving (or rather: re-saving) with a unique name? Or are you re-saving using the factory name?

Its my understanding that you’re not supposed to be able to re-save using the factory name. Perhaps that could be part of the issue.

Just a thought.

Hope you can get it sorted out, we’ve been very pleased with CB6 and HSSE in particular.

Good luck!


Update: I have subsequently been able to create, close, open and re-save other Sonic multis as presets. So the unique thing about the preset giving me the problem is that it was created by importing a standard MIDI file with GM patches and specifying Sonic as the destination in Preferences.