Cannot Run 2 instances Error

I am attempting to set-up VST connect as per the manual. I have Cubase Pro 8.5 and VST connect SE. I get as far as the
“Setting up the VST Connect SE Cue Mix Plugin” section. Attempting to follow the “Insert VST Connect Cue Mix Plug-in on the “To Performer” track” section and get an error “You can not run 2 instances of Connect SE”. and that’s it.
This is the first project on which I have tried to use connect, this is the only attempt I have made to set the system up. I have followed the instructions to the letter, and removed ALL of the other effects and send plug-ins in the project. This is a test project with only one audio track, which I am using as the recording track for connect. What can I be doing wrong? I had a quick look and although there seem to be several issues with Connect, I can’t see this one anywhere. :wink:

I’m afraid the manual is outdated.
Create an empty Cubase project and apply “Create VST Connect”. You don’t have to do anything else with VST Connect plugins, they are all inserted at the appropriate places for you. Assign your Talkback mic when beeing asked, assign Performer hardware ports when connected once (top of Performer mixer channels) and you should be ready to go. See for more details if that doesn’t suffice.

“Setting up the VST Connect SE Cue Mix Plugin” - this all isn’t necessary anymore, and not even present in the actual manual. Make sure to have the latest versions.