Cannot run Cubase Artist 6... No valid License found

I’ve encountered a problem with my USB e-Licenser. It is no longer working with my laptop, so I can no longer use my copy of Cubase Artist 6. I have updated eCC to the latest version and it simply does not see the licenser.
Updating the driver software through Windows 10’s Device manager gives me the message “Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. The system cannot find the file specified.”
I’ve tried the elicenser in all available usb ports on the laptop and none of them works. I’m yet to check to see if it works on a different computer.
If it turns out to be a problem with the elicenser itself, is it possible to purchase a new one and put my license code onto that one?


Yes, you can buy a new eLicenser and run Zero Downtime, which will allow you to continue using Cubase immediately while you wait for Steinberg support to restore your licenses.

Hope you registered that dongle to your MySteinberg while it was still working.

hmmmm I just plugged it into the mac and it is working fine on here… so maybe it’s a problem with the laptop itself… which is irritating as Cubase doesn’t actually install on this version of OS so it’s basically completely unusable at the moment. I’ll see if I can get it fixed… preferably I’d like to upgrade to a good desktop at some point, but I’m a little bit strapped for cash (broke student lyfe)

Thank you anyway!

It is most probably not a problem with the device, but with the driver file (as stated by the Windows error message).

Windows can be tricky regarding its driver installation/uninstallation procedures.

You should try to remove the driver files manually, then re-install eLicenser Control.

On a Windows 32-bit, please find and delete all files named “synasusb”; on Windows 64-bit, the files are named “synusb64”.