Cannot run demo. Now getting license error w Cubase 11

I have C11… with SL ‘One’.

I downloaded ‘Pro’ to give it a try. When I started it, it came up, then I got a dialog box saying, Your demo will expire in 13 seconds. Then it exited. Now it’s back to running SL ‘One’.

And… when I start Cubase 11, I get an error ‘Demo Expired’… but then it start anyway.

  1. Is there a way to try SL7 ‘Pro’?

  2. How do I make that Cubase 11 license error go away?


I tried uninstalling SL7 and re-installing the ‘pro’ version. But the ‘one’ version runs.

Is there NO way to try the SL7 ‘pro’ version if you have Cubase 11?


I couldn’t tell from your post, have you received/entered your SL7 Pro Trial license code into eLicenser yet…?

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