Cannot save additional VST plugins under 'save endpoint configuration'

I cannot save new VST instances no matter how many times I press ‘save endpoint configuration’. I have loaded my EWQLSO, selected EWQLSO under preferences, and in ‘playback template’. I also added missing percussion instruments some of which do not play at all after assigned to the correct channels? Both, playback template and VST match and preferences are set to EWQLSO. There seem to be three problems here, I cannot add new VST instances and save them, cannot rename the additional PLAY VSTs, and some of my percussion just don’t play at all.

Jakub, you’ve posted the same material as replies in two other threads and as a new thread. I know you’re new to the forum, but please don’t do this again in future. Your best bet is usually to start a single new thread, rather than adding replies to long-dormant old threads.

If you are struggling to get unpitched percussion to play back, one step you may be missing is that you need to provide a mapping of the individual pitches provided by each unpitched percussion patch in your sample library to the instruments written in the score. In Dorico this is called a percussion map, and you may need to create this for yourself (in Play > Percussion Maps), then you also need to make sure that it is assigned to the correct channel in the Endpoint Setup dialog.


Hi. I may have posted too many times unintentionally. I apologize about that.
I have tried to build a percussion map in dorico and using HSO sounds, but after loading four instruments onto it and renaming it to ‘Percussion 2’ I noticed that now there was an extra channel under ‘play’ which I don’t know what to do with named ‘percussion 2’ and underneath it there are four instruments from the percussion map (already assigned). Next, I went on YouTube to learn that dorico actually has an ability to ingeniously condense staves with several patches into a single one under ‘page view’ and play them correctly and without grid perc. Map I’ve described.

Long story short, is there a video that shows specifically how to map percussion using an external library? So far, I got to play a bass drum without any mapping and can see EWQLSO selected under ‘percussion map’ in ‘play’.



There are a few videos that cover percussion mapping, in particular this one.

You might also find this write-up of how percussion mapping works in Dorico helpful.


I did figure it out…eventually. The video took me 2/3 of the way and the only part that is missing in there (right around 30:00-ish is where to starts) is how to actually design a custom drum map from scratch and input key switches and make sure they match the once in the particular library used. He (your colleague) shows how to swap the existing sounds, not how to input a custom map.
In may be helpful to throw in there, to first add the name for the new library on the left (in my case it was EWQLSO) and then proceed by clicking in the appropriate slot shown in the middle column corresponding to a key switch in the import library…then go the bottom and specify the actual instrument and the technique (this last part is in the video.)
The rest of the video has really good, comprehensive stuff in there.

Ps. Couldn’t open the link you’ve sent. Anyways, the take away is to keep plugging along and not get hung up on anything at this point as it is always hard at the beginning and it is part of the process.

Great software Daniel!