Cannot Save Cubase Projects

I can’t save or work on any Cubase projects prior to re-install of Cubase 10 – here is my situation:

  1. I wiped my SSD HD clean and did an OS re-install (Cubase was crashing a lot)
  2. Re-installed Cubase 10 and my plugins (I only have Waves and Universal Audio Plugs)

The Good: System is working perfectly fine with new projects.

The Bad:

  1. All of my old projects will load (they are on an external HD), but I cannot save them.
  2. When I open the project file, it states: “Could not create record file”
  3. Audio playback crackles and stutters badly
  4. Audio Performance RealTime Peak meter is maxed out – totally pinned (probably causing the issue of audio crackling and stuttering)

What I’ve tried to remedy:

  1. I’ve made sure my project folders have Read/Write permissions (they were not, so I changed them)
  2. I’ve removed all plugins from the project to try and remedy the RealTime Peak meter that is pinned

I’m stuck with several audio projects that are useless right now.


Did the permission change help? Can you save the projects now? Could you try to run the First Aid from the macOS Disk Utility, please?

Could you try to make a backup of the project, and open the project from the backup? Do you still have these issues?

Thanks for responding – the permission change did not do anything. I still cannot save a project. I will try disk utility and backup and let you know.

thanks again,