Cannot save Indent First System as default

I’m repeatedly failing to save the setting of “indent first system of flow” to zero spaces as default in Layout Options.
Entering zero and click “Save as default” button isn’t enough?
What am I missing?

Make sure you have pressed the Apply button first, and check that the change has occurred?

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Saving options as default in Layout Options works on layout types - so if you’ve selected a full score and save as default, it’s saved as default for score layouts only, not part layouts. And vice versa.


benwiggy and Lillie_Harris,

Making sure to click “Apply” and save for both Full Score and Parts solved the problem.
Thanks for your advices!

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I found clicking “Apply” before clicking “Save as Default” was necessary to save the default behavior.
I think it’s better that Dorico also permits the opposite order.

I think the opposite order may not be possible, because the changes you’ve made may not all be committed until you hit Apply.

Hmm. Then, I think Dorico should say something like “Hit Apply first” when I hit Save as Default :shushing_face:

When I click “Save as Default” button and the button turns dark, I think I could save the default behavior. Applying the current state to the project and saving it as default are separate things.
I hope this will be changed in the future… :slightly_smiling_face: