Cannot see chord symbols

Hi! I am typing chord symbols (shift Q) but they do not appear. The same happens when I try to paste them from another project. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
Also, when I filter chords (edit-filter-chord) none is selected. I select the first chord symbol then do edit-filter-chords

Are chord symbols set to show on the instrument and layout you are observing?

They were shown in the previous version of Dorico. What do I need to do so they are shown? I tried edit-notation-show all variants of chords and diagrams but to no avail.
I know they are there because when I type shiftQ it shows the correct chord

You have a file where the chords showed in a previous version, like 3.5, but not in 4.0? I have no idea what that would happen. Can you post the file?

See here for changing which players/instruments show chord symbols, and here for which layouts show chord symbols.

Also worth checking that signposts are shown in case chord symbols in the layout you’re viewing are appearing as signposts.

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Thanks! It worked.