Cannot See Group Outputs...again

Yet again I post about “Cannot See Group Outputs” in Nuendo 10.3.
It’s fine in the previous version.
Same as it was in Cubase 10. In 10.5 I could no longer see the group outputs.
It’s fine in the previous version.

I mention Cubase here at the Nuendo section because I specifically noted “Please make sure the bugs from Cubase 10.5 don’t end up in the next version of Nuendo”. Alas, they all did. I feel totally “unheard” here lately. Can everybody here SEE the group outputs?

Hi Ted,

Over here on N10.3 Win 7 64 bit without that issue. I will say that the VST Connections window does seem “old” and has a different look than the other windows, but legibility is OK here.

Yep, confirmed in Mac OS in Dark Mode only. Works fine in Light Mode (Nuendo restart required when changing modes)

Yes, but…when you switch to LIGHT mode most of the menu dialogue in Nuendo is now completely unreadable. It looks like light lettering barely there.

They’ve broken the window tabs in Windows with 10.3 which is probably all linked. White text on a very light grey tab background rendering the tab unreadable when selected. Both issues linked for sure.

That’s what I was referring to above about the “old” style dialog boxes left in a few places. What you describe happens in the VST Connections (F4) dialog box. On my system, it’s not completely unreadable, it just looks wrong. Apparently the move to the newer framework on N10.3 doesn’t play nice with the old style dialog windows.

You are right, Ted. I would call this an Official Bug.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You and ONLY you mentioned “Nuendo restart required”. I tried going back and forth between dark and light while in Nuendo. Closing nuendo, and then going to Light mode, allowed me to at least be able to read the menus and have a mouse cursor. Simple things but necessary. However, I still maintain emphatically that forcing Mac users to use Light Mode (hate it, all my devices use Dark mode) is a BUG. Although it seems to be a bug Steinberg has no interest in addressing. That makes me sad.

No worries, glad I could help.

Agree it’s a bug that needs to be fixed. Working with a bright UI in a dark studio for hours can be very tiring. Dark mode has helped a lot the past couple of years.