cannot see the eq/inserts window (e) after upgrading

Hi ive just upgraded to 6.5 and i cannot view the eq/inserts window. This is the window that you press the e sign to open up on each mixer channel. when i press it there is a white boarder around the whole screen so it is doing something but i just cannot find the window within that…

help , this is very annoying as i cant do anything without this.

hope someone can help

Did you close the mixer to check it hasn’t opened behind it…if so just set it to always on top.

Or might it have opened offscreen? I use sheepdog software to find lost windows so if anything opens offscreen I just hit a key command to reposition it.

Not quite sure what you mean by the white border around the whole screen…if the above doesn’t help you’ll need to elaborate.

hi thanks for the reply, no its not behind any of the windows that open, ive checked. im sure its opened off screen but i just cant find it.

when i say white boarder i mean the scrolling arrows so something happens, the window is somewhere but not sure where… what is the sheepdog software as that sounds like a solution?

speak soon

White windows generally mean you’re running out of usable memory. What are you running on? In the meantime try creating a new project with no load and see if you have the same problem.

ive just found it and now all is ok now ive moved it . for some reason the cubase base screen was very big and it was placed is a silly place. now found it so thanks for your answers, much appreciated.