Cannot Select Additional Popup Options In Write Mode (Dorico 4)

I see new popup options for Insert Mode, Dotted Notes, Grace Notes, etc. However, I can only select the first (or default) option.

For example, I want to apply dots to a single note. So, I have it selected, then I click on the single dot icon on the left as in previous versions. My note’s gets extended by 50% as expected. However, if I want a double dot, I click the dotted quarter note icon, hold a bit, and a menu pops up to the right as expected. If I click on any of those options (double dot, triple dot, etc.), the menu disappears and nothing happens - my note’s duration didn’t change. And the icon that still shows up on the toolbar is the default single dotted quarter note. So, simply, I cannot select any of the additional options.

The same thing goes for the new insert modes - I cannot select global insert or any of the other insert modes - only the usual/default insert mode.

I cannot select any of the additional popup options whether I’m in note-entry mode or not. Perhaps my installation is corrupt, or there is an option somewhere to allow me to select those, or am I missing a step?

This has already been reported so the Team knows of it.

The method for adding multiple dots which was used in Dorico 3.5 still worked for me when I tried it in Dorico 4.

Select the note,
press " . " to add a dot,
press alt/opt- " . " to add more dots.

I have exactly the same problem.

Make sure you have updated to Dorico 4.0.30, @Pianoenergy. You can download the latest update here:

Ok, will do. Thank you very much.

The problem is now solved with the new update. Thank you very much!