Cannot select audio interface in Cubase AI

I bought Steinberg UR22C a couple weeks ago and till now it worked fine with Cubase AI.
Today I recorded some midi to Cubase tracks from external midi keyboard. Keyboard was directly connected to computer via USB cable.
And now I cannot have my UR22C in Cubase.
I cannot select Steinberg UR22C as it not listed anywhere in Cubase’s Studio Setup. If I click “+Add device” → “Steinberg UR-C”, nothing happens.
In Cubase I can play and record only using internal laptop audio system. UR22C is still usable in other applications, as it plays audio from browser, and records in Audacity.

Please anybody help me have UR22C back in Cubase.

Change the asio driver from Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver to Steinberg Yamaha ASIO Driver.

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Thank you. That was really newbie question. The line “Audio System” appears to be clickable too.