Cannot select junction of a "><" hairpin chain


I have a problem that I find consistently: if I type “><” in the dynamics popover, I can’t select the junction of the two hairpins to adjust it, no matter how much I try. I must create the dynamics separately.
Is there a way to select it or to adjust it once it has been typed?

I often encounter the same problem; when it happens, I put in > and < separately. Then I have more precision for editing.

There’s a property called Inflection in the properties panel. You might find that it only works if there are actually notes above the midpoint of the messa di voce, though.

Thanks Leo. Actually I was looking for that property. However, it wasn’t input like a “messa di voce”. That only happens with the “<>” hairpins, not the opposite: “><”.

I have the same problem.

You certainly can input >< as a messa di voce: select the note or notes over which it should apply, and type Shift+Alt+>.

“Shift+Alt+>” works well.
But when I type “><” in Dynamics popover, decrescendo and crescendo are entered instead of a single Messa di voce ><. Why?

popover >< bug?

Also, even if I type “Shift+Alt +>” key command during note input, it does not become a Messa di voce and does not extend.

>< messa di voce during note input bug?

Aren’t these bugs?

You should indeed be able to create a dim./cresc. messa di voce by typing >< into the Shift+D popover. We’ll take care of this when we can.

Thank you!