Cannot select multiple layers

This should be straight forward, but how the heck do you select multiple layers in SpectralLayersPro?

On any application that I use its either shift or alt left mouse click. Searching the internet yielded no results, I couldn’t find anything in the manual either. I am starting to suspect you cannot select multiple layers? I am trying to select and then export layers.

Any ideas?


You can’t - but that’s coming with the next version of SpectraLayers.


Oh wow, great. Thanks.

Now I can stop doubting myself :grinning:

BTW, most of the features are really intuitive to use. But I did find it would be nice if I could export selection directly without creating a layer first. Like select a portion of a spectral layer, then right mouse click and select “Export Selection as WAV”.

Is that also planned?

Maybe not in this form, but it’ll be easier to achieve that.