Cannot select or change lyrics

I have a problem with selecting and therefore with changing lyrics in a score file.
Perhaps someone knows a fix for this.

I scored a lead sheet for a song in my prior version of Cubase (Cubase 5.5), then upgraded to Cubase 12 in 2022. I have some changes to make to the song, so went back into the score-editor (but in Cubase 12 now, not Cubase 5.5) and I cannot select the lyric anywhere. I need to change a few words.

I have searched the Steinberg Forum, and done many Internet searches to try and find a solution. I have watched some youtube videos on scoring. I have found no solution so far.

Another thing I am seeing - perhaps it is related - When I click on the pointer option (in the top of the score-editor) so I can point to (and select) items, there is a note that appears in the score where the pointer is located. It is a middle-C. Wherever I place the pointer, this middle-C note goes with (follows) the pointer. I can still select notes and change them, but the middle-C in my other scores is not there.

For those who may be interested. I did not find a fix for this problem.
But I did find a solution.

The solution: I started from scratch and re-entered the song in a new scoring file - notes, lyrics, chords, etc. Not the optimum solution, but a solution nonetheless and I am now up and running.

I decided it might be faster to just start over than to spend a lot of time looking at videos or doing Internet searches, or searches on the Steinberg Forums to try to find a solution (that maybe is not published anywhere). Reentering the song from scratch - I knew the time invested would yield a result.

I have not checked other songs I scored months/years ago with my pre-Cubase 12 version of Cubase. I hope I do not have to reenter any of those should minor changes or version changes become necessary.

So if anyone reads this and has a fix for the problem I originally described - has encountered this problem and found a fix - please post it here.


Can you upload a dummy C5.5 project file showing this issue, so that we can test?