Cannot select VE Pro as VST

I opened a template from the dropdown menu (Modern Orchestra) to create a template for my new libraries. I always use VE Pro to host my plug-ins, but suddenly I can’t select Vienna Ensemble Pro anymore as VST. There’s all kinds of plug-ins under the VST and MIDI tab, but not VE Pro. This is really weird, as I never had any issues with that. VE Pro is visible and available in the list of allowed VST’s under the Preferences menu, so it beats me why I can’t select VE Pro here.
Does anyone have any clues?

I decided to allow all blocked plug-ins in the VST settings (Preferences Menu) and let Dorico perform a rescan. Now everything is back to as it was, so VE Pro is available again.

I thought I had tackled this, but the problem as described above persists. I’ve attached two screenshots:

  1. showing Vienna Ensemble Pro is allowed and should be seen by Dorico
  2. I can select several VST instruments, but there’s no VE Pro

Beats me, but I know this started after the update from last month to 4.3. Older projects with VE Pro already present do load, but when adding a new instance and trying to connect Dorico to that one it doens’t connect, but rather opens a new instance by itself. It acts as if you click on the NEW tab in the VE Pro window that pops up when you click on the ‘e’ button. What happens next is even weirder: is starts copying the settings from the instance that’s already there next to it, so it’s copying that instance.
What can I do to solve this?
Allowed VT Plug-ins
Vienna Ensemble Pro invisible

With the dropdown open, can you scroll to the bottom with the mouse wheel? I suspect anything VSL simply is pushed off the bottom of the list. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing indicating to the user that mouse scrolling is required, so there is definitely a flaw in the dropdown design here.

Tackled the first problem by creating a new file again and now VE Pro is seen.
I’ve enclosed a video where I connect to a VE Pro instance, and you see Dorico (or VE Pro?) adds the new instance. It’s empty as I didn’t load any instruments yet, but it’s just for displaying purposes.

This is as low as the options go in the screenshot, but it has been solved for now by opening a new file from the templates.

I don’t see a VSL entry in your dropdown, and clearly there should be one. I get the same thing where only the first 12 manufacturers are listed and I have to scroll to access more.

Thanks for thinking with me, but it’s defenitely there now after I’ve opened the new file. If it were not, I wouldn’t be able to select VE Pro as option to connect to.

Ok, glad it’s working!

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I’m having the same problem (VSL VE Pro 7.1.1406 is not showing up) with Dorico 4.3.11 on my M1 MacBookPro (OS 12.5). However, it IS working on my MacPro 2013 (OS 10.14) but I needed to scroll the middle mouse to see all of the VST options (VSL, Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, etc.). On the M1 MacBookPro, I can only see Steinberg as an option but not VSL VE Pro (others VSTs are not installed).

On the M1 MacBookPro, MOTU DP 11.2 opens VSL VE Pro without any problems (but as an AU), so clearly the problem lies within Dorico 4.3.11 (or my settings) on the M1 MacBookPro running OS 12.5.

Why does VSL VE Pro show up on the M1 MacBookPro in DP 11.2 but not in Dorico? Does this have something to do with Rosetta possibly? Are there any Dorico preferences or resets I need to check (I need to be guided where to look if so). All apps are up to date so what can I do to facilitate getting everything working? What else can I check?

I just bought my wife a second copy of Dorico Pro (yes, we now have two copies, so if we get divorced, we won’t have to chop a single license in half) and I was trying to help her get set up on her M1 laptop but this looks like a VERY expensive failure on my part now. Please help me avoid a divorce. I NEED to get this working!

Sincerely decoupled and out of sync,


A ha! I think I found a solution! It seems that you need to set Dorico to run under Rosetta (highlight app and press Command +I, and click “Rosetta”).

We also had to whitelist the VSL VSTs as described above (had to ask Dr. Google how to do this - its under Dorico Prefs, select VST plugins and then allow).

So, all seems to be good so far. We still haven’t connected to the VSL Server computer but this should work from this point.

I’m redeemed! (she’s smiling and happy again).

That’s good news for you! Unfortunately I’m running Dorico on Windows, so for me this doesn’t work.
I already whitelisted my VST2 plugins some time ago, so that was not part of the issue in my case.

I can’t think of anything other than what we did that might apply to your problem on Windows. Scrolling the middle mouse button does work here. You also need to toggle in/out of the company host to scroll to the other companies libraries. Other than that, I can’t think of anything to try.

You might also ask VSL if they have any suggestions and if they have a working Windows system with the latest version of Dorico? They have been quite helpful and responsive with my inquiries.

And thank you for the information you wrote above which helped us to figure out our similar problem on the Macs. Everything seems to be working here under Rosetta as far as I can tell so far.

Did you roll back to the previous version of VEP?

VEP is VST3, so you shouldn’t have to bother with whitelisting the VST2

I use the earlier version of VEPro on my PC in Dorico (not on a "host"computer, though) and havent had any issues using it.

I had to install the previous version as mentioned above and now everything works fine again.