Cannot Select Vocal Rider under "Sends" anymore in Mixer???

Hello all. With the Waves Vocal Rider I usually insert it last in a vocal track activating the side-chain button. Then, I go to all instrument tracks under “Sends” and select the Vocal Rider. Now the Vocal Rider will ride over all instrument volumes. However, for the last couple of days, I cannot select the Vocal Rider under “Sends”. It just does not show up anymore :cry: Using Vocal Rider in this fashion is a good way to get good levels. And I must admit, it has somewhat spoiled me :blush: Anyone else experiencing problems with “Sends” in the Mixer? Or, a workaround perhaps? Thanks in advance.

PS I have not installed any new programs or changed anything on the computer. This just happened :confused: !!

Is it set up as a send in VST Connections?

There is a known problem in Cubase with side chain sends not showing up. It happens to me now and again and I just add and remove the effect a few times and it works again - it’s a pain

Maybe a routing conflict.

Thanks all for responses and help. I kind of did what Keith99 suggested. Except I deleted the group tracks that the Vocal Riders were inserts on, and added new group tracks and re-inserted the Vocal Riders and activated the Side Chain function on them. Today I opened up the project, and it seems to still be intact :slight_smile: . It seems as though the group tracks became “UN-activated” . Thanks again.