Cannot Send Midi Data to Entecc DMX USB Pro

Hi there, I’ve been trying to get my midi track to output to my Entecc DMX USB Pro without luck. This device basically converts midi to dmx and sends that along to the DMX Software controller program called EMU. Anyways, I have been using this setup in both Cubase and Presonus without problems but I can’t get the midi track to communicate fully with the dmx software. I can see some midi events trigger when I move the volume slider but it is not sending the program/bank changes according to the midi notes selected. I am running loopMIDI to interface between the hardware and software. This works with the cubase setup.

I see the entecc device show up under the effects plugin section but not the instruments where it resides in Presonus and Cubase. Is there a midi instrument detect option or can I manually add it? I’m just at a loss since this was super easy to setup in Cubase. Any help would be appreciated.


… I only know the “EmuVst” Plug-In from Enttec. And that is a Audio-Fx. And it’s an Audio-Fx in Cubase, too. Which instrument are you talking about?

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Thanks for the reply. Instrument is the wrong word. My mistake. My issue is that I cannot send midi out. I did another test with my hardware dmx controller and it is still not getting the midi signal via the audio interfaces midi out. I have the outputs set correctly, I think, in the midi channel I created as well as in the Connections module under devices. Is there something I’m missing? It should be really simple to send midi notes out to a device.

It is.
First, send your MIDI track to “Virtual MIDI 3” instead, open “Devices/MIDI Monitor” and set its input to “Virtual MIDI In 3”. This creates a “cable” so you can see if events are beeing sent from the MIDI track.
If you then set the track output to any system MIDI device whasoever, VST Live will send there, so far it always has. If the result is not as expected, the culprit is most likely on the receiving side.

So that is the MIDI device you are sending to? Then check there, should the MIDI Monitor test show as expected.
Are you on Mac or PC?

I’m not sure if I undertsan the problem right. But MIDI cannot be sent to the Entecc as the Entecc by itself doesn’t receive MIDI data. Entecc receives DMX data.
I have Loop MIDI installed. I use QLC+ as the DMX light software.
I have a MIDI track in VST Live that sends MIDI data to Loop MIDI.
In QLC+ input is received from Loop MIDI and output of QLC goes to my USB DMX program. So QLC is what does the conversion from MIDI to DMX.
and LoopMIDI is usually used to interface between software to sotware and not hardware and software.

Right, and that’s quite a complex setup involving various components where things can go wrong.
First, did you try our suggestion to see if the track sends what you want by sending to the built-in Virtual Midi and check with Midi Monitor? Those data are beeing sent to the system MIDI device that you assign (in your case, Loop MIDI). As that is a system device (and all other “real” system MIDI devices work as expected), VST Live has no influence whatsoever on what the receiving device does with those data.
Second, as VST Live not only has DMX support but also virtual MIDI routing, you may possibly simplify your setup.
So pls try our suggestion and let us know what OS (Mac or PC) you are working on.

Just to clarify this Virtual MIDI is only for internal routing within VL?

Yes. Virtual MIDI and audio ports are „plugs“ of a „cable“, so whatever you send to „Virtual MIDI/Audio Out xxx“ will be sent to „Virtual MIDI/Audio In xxx“.