Cannot set sample rate to 44.1kHz (cubase 3 iOs)

Hi… i cant set my recording sample rate to 44.1kHz. It keeps saying “the sample rate is set to 48.0kHz because either the hardware doesnt support your initial setting or another app is blocking it. Can anyone help me ?

Hi Tagi10,

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The available sample rates are dictated by the hardware of the iPad device in use. For example, the 2018 iPad Pro models (3rd gen) only support 48kHz with the internal speakers and mic, unless external hardware is connected, whereas other iPads support 44.1 and 48 kHz.

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If you load an app that sets the sample rate to 48kHz before you load CB3 you will not be able to change sample rate. The answer is to load CB3 first and set it to 44.1kHz. That’s what it means where it says “another app is blocking it”.