Cannot show/hide verse number in Dorico for iPad

The manual (which is clearly out of date) references a way to show/hide verse numbers as an option. “1. In the Properties panel, activate/deactivate Show verse number in the Lyrics group.” No such option exists in version Can someone please explain this to me? Thanks

I’m sorry that the iPad manual isn’t fully up to date at the moment. I am of course aware and will get it updated as soon as possible; although realistically, it will take a little while as there is also remaining work to do for large sections of the desktop manual as well.

For showing verse numbers, did you follow the first step, which is to select a lyric? The Properties panel is dynamic in that the properties available depend on what you have currently selected. And is the Properties panel selected in the lower zone (e.g. as opposed to the Keyboard panel)?

Thanks for the update, Lillie. No, I had not selected the Properties panel below. I was accessing Lyrics via the “…” on the secondary menu bar. I did not know there was another way. Is the “…” actually redundant?

No, it’s just different: it’s the equivalent of the context (commonly right-click) menu on the desktop. When the manual refers to the Properties panel, that’s the panel in the lower zone.

Here’s the iPad manual page about the secondary toolbar:

Since the last iPad manual was published, I’ve been through and added clarifying information about the Properties panel to every topic that involves using it (making sure that you as a user know the lower zone needs to be shown, and that Properties needs to be selected, rather than any of the other panels introduced in Dorico 4). For example, here’s how the page about hiding/showing verse numbers looks in the current v4 desktop manual:

Thanks for the clarification, Lillie. Much appreciated. I’m quite new to Dorico and I like the idea of the “Prerequisites” the manual entry you linked.