Cannot show more than 1 plugin window on top of Control Window

On my primary display I have editor, on my secondary display I have Control Window (in fullscreen) which contains meters, analytical tools and Master section with several effect plugins loaded. I open one plugin (e.g. click on its name), move its window where I want it (within the secondary display on top of the Control Window). As soon as I try to open another plugin in other effect slot (without closing the first one), the window of the previously opened plugin disappears (although apparently it is still “open”) and I can see only window of this second plugin e.g. I can’t see both plugins open at the same time. Why??

If I switch (ALT+TAB) to any other application and then back to WL I can see all open plugin windows at the same time just fine, however once I open yet another plugin, all the other plugin windows disappear again.

This is not only weird but pretty inconvenient.

If I move the plugin windows to my primary display (on top of Editor) they are shown as expected - only if on top of Control Window they don’t.

There are some constraints with the floating windows under Windows. Normally, if you click on the main window, all plugins should show, because they are “children” of the main window.
For this reason, it is better to keep the Master Section with the main window.

I see…
Indeed if I move Master section to my primary display then plugin windows can be shown at the same time on secondary display on top of the Control window just as expected however this is not ideal for me.
BUT I perhaps found a workaround by undocking the Master section (made it floating) and disabling fullscreen mode of Control window on my secondary display and resizing it manually right next to the Master section = visually all looks almost like before (e.g. Master section embedded into Control window) but plugin windows are shown at the same time as expected…