Cannot sign in to Activation Manager


I am trying to Activate Cubase 12 on my PC. I am stuck on the famous sign in button of Activationa Manager and cannot activate.
I have used Edge, chrome, firefox. Unistalled firefox and tried the others. Cleaned the cache. Removed my anti-virus and shut down my firewall.

Nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

Same here today, however all my products were activated months ago. I started WaveLab 11 this morning and, at the “Checking licenses …” part of the splash screen, it tells me I need to the SAM to sign it, but SAM hangs at “Loading, please wait …”

The only way out is to kill the process in Task Manager, then I get:
Now NONE of my Steinberg Licensing product will start! Great …

[UPDATE] My solution (after running outside and screaming for a few minutes) was to shut up and reboot. What I have noticed is that all my plugins were rescanned (I thought that was done with?) too … is this part of the new “phone home” behaviour of the new licensing system?