Cannot start Dorico unless I restart PC. hanging on "wait for audio initialisation"

Newest version of Dorico 4 Pro.
OS is Windows 10 Home 22H2

After my previous post, I was working on a file and the program crashed. Then dorico would not launch when clicking the application (not loading a project).

I restarted the computer, and dorico launched, I opened the previous file and the play button was greyed out. At some point, the program crashed again.

Running dorico as an admin does not resolve the issue. I followed the steps here:

But the .dll file and folder do not exist in my installation.

Seems the only way is to restart the computer after it crashes.
Any advice here?

Okay after a number of restarts I am able to load a previous version of the file, along with other files with no issues. Looks like it has been resolved for now!

On Windows 10, the first step following a Dorico crash/hang should always be to use Windows Task Manager (ctrl-shift-esc) to end both Dorico and VSTAudioEngine processes.

Occasionally I’ve found Dorico might not load when clicking the app icon, but will load if you go the long-winded approach: open the start menu, navigate to Steinberg/Dorico right-click and select Open!