Cannot start recording


I am using Cubase Pro 10.5 for the first time and am running into the following problem: every time I try to start recording, this message appears “Audio recording not working. There is no space left on the disk.” (translated from French)

But my hard drive has more than 300 Go of capacity left, so I don’t understand why the software thinks there isn’t enough. I did analyse the hard drive and tried to repair it but there was no error found to repair, so it seems there is really no problem on this side.

I wondered if changing where the recordings are saved (to move it into “data” section) could solve this, but I was unable to find any file where they are supposed to be recorded. And since I am completely new and not that good with computers, I don’t know if the recordings are saved temporarily within a project, and then only the project itself is saved - or if they are saved by themselves somewhere?

Maybe I should also add that I’m not trying to record audio like the message says, but to record midi from my main keybaord, but I thought the button to start any kind of recording was the same?

I’ve been stuck with this for several days so I’ll be glad if someone can help me!

Hi and welcome,

Make sure you have the Write permission to the folder, where do you save the project. Try to save to other folder/location, please.