Cannot stop and start playback when using certain plugin mainly RX

When I have an RX plugin loaded the keyboard will not stop and start using the space bar. This started with WL 11.0.20. Any ideas or fixes??? I have NEVER had this problem before using RX with any version of WL. Thanks in advance…

I don’t remember a change about this in WaveLab 11.0.20.
Did you recently update RX, by chance?
Of course, I guess that if the focus is on the WaveLab window and not the plugin, you don’t have this issue?

I’ve noticed the same thing, though not just with RX. It happens with a somewhat random selection of plugins, not all of them. It seems like they’re capturing the keystroke (and then generally not doing anything with it) instead of passing it to WL. So, it very well may be beyond your control.

Yes, focusing the WL main window makes the keyboard commands work again. But, you might as well just click the control you want if you have to click somewhere in WL anyway.

Yes it does seem random with different plugins but most of the time with RX (and yes I do have the latest version of RX). Something is not correct. I was with a client yesterday and it was both comical and embarrassing to not be able to stop the playback of her materials. She started laughing and said “I think your computer is possessed”. I don’t seem to have the same problems with WL 10.