Cannot stop process of crashed Cubase 10 Trial


A bug report:

Loading up a demo project which worked before xmas - with cubase 10 trial . It stops on loading channel 121 out of 128 from a vienna ensemble pro instance and the process proceeds to be non-responsive.

However I cannot stop the process or terminate the program whatsoever. Close all windows / End task on both Cubase Pro and “Loading MixConsole” applications doesn’t work / Go to Process Cuabse10.exe and right click and Stop process doesn’t work either.

Running on Windows 7 - 64 bit.
Cubase 9.5 is working fine.

Take care.

/best regards

Hi and welcome,

Was the project originally created in Cubase 9.5? You says it worked before xmas, does it mean you could open it or you created it for the very first time and haven’t load/open yet (and this is very first open try)?