Cannot trial Cubase 12/no response from support

So I have started using a trashcan Mac Pro. I was excited to upgrade to Cubase 12 from 8.5. I activated a trial to see if it worked but it crashed during boot every time.

I updated from Big Sur to Monterey as I had read on this forum about some issues on Big Sur for some people. It still crashes on Monterey.

I removed third party plugins. It still crashed.

I then reinstalled macOS, thinking that the trial was assigned to my elicenser as it was listed among my previous Cubase and Wavelab licenses. However, it turns out that a license is valid for a single install only. I knew we were moving away from elicencers but the fact that it’s completely non-transferable in any way caught me by surprise. And so, I’m left unable to continue with Cubase until I know it will run on my system. I’m certainly not purchasing a license for now, given that I haven’t yet managed to open it even once.

I submitted a support ticket (493790, for Steinberg’s info). 18 days later, I’ve had no response.

As things stand, I’m being forced to abandon Cubase having owned a license for nearly 15 years. So, my question is: please can I have a new trial license to see if I’m able to continue with Cubase?

Even if I do get it working, the thought of having to buy Cubase again if/when my hard drive fails is enough to make me think twice about paying. :confused:

Seems I’m not the only one who has noticed the poor quality of support at present… What on earth is going on? :frowning:


Could you attach the crash/ips file, please?

I don’t have a log unfortunately. I was happy to do a clean install before asking for help so I didn’t save a copy.

If I were able to trial the software though and still had issues, I would be able to provide a log.

Is anyone able to answer my question about the license? :frowning:

The new licensing system allows you to activate Cubase on up to 3 computers simultaneously. You can manually deactivate licenses if you need to move to new systems, or upgrade an existing computer.

In the event of a hard drive failure or being unable to use one of your computers for any other reason, you can contact Steinberg Support to have your activations reset.

You’ll never be forced to buy Cubase again. For as long as you have access to either your MySteinberg account or at least your receipts, you can always restore your licenses.

Have you run the Steinberg Activation Manager since reinstalling macOS? What did it say about your trial license?

Thank you - I didn’t realise there was a new license manager program (it wasn’t installed automatically as mentioned on the linked page). It is now visible in the Activation Manager. Thank you also for clarifying the situation about resetting activations - that sounds much more reasonable than what I had previously read.

The problem I’m left with now is that my trial expired while waiting for a response to my support ticket; I did get a response yesterday (after 3 weeks!!) but my question hasn’t really been answered. All I got back is a sentence stating that trial licenses can only be used once, which I appreciate is policy but all I needed was some help getting Cubase running to let me buy with confidence. This would have been a simple case of using another of the 2 remaining license activations (assuming you get 3 activations with a trial?) but the very long wait means my trial was left to expire.

Do you think there’s any chance of getting some sort of temporary license just to see if I can open Cubase (and previous projects) on this computer?

I was able to simply create a new account and start a new trial. I didn’t think that would work, but all sorted now.